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Lorain OH ~ NEW Walleye Capital of the World?

It’s no secret that Lake Erie is the Walleye Capital of the World, but where might be the best location to plan your next Lake Erie Fishing Charter? Most people will tell you that Port Clinton, Ohio is THAT place. For many years the Western Basin of Lake Erie have been the focus for people looking to cash in on Lake Erie’s bounty, but that has been changing, and people need help accepting change.

In recent years the walleye hatch has increased the population to near-record numbers. Historically, it was thought that most walleye spawned in the Western Basin. The walleye would migrate to shallow areas to spawn during the fall and winter months, typically finished by April. During May and June, the walleye would migrate back to other parts of the lake, where they spend the warmer months in cooler, deeper water.

A record number of walleye still spawn primarily in the Western Basin, but the population is now spilling over into the Central Basin.

At one time, fishing was seasonal, and it was hard to catch fish is certain areas of the lake at certain times of the year but that’s all changing due to the massive amount of walleye in Lake Erie right now. Yes, the fish are still heading towards the Western Basin of Lake Erie during the Fall, then had back in May and June.

This is where Lorain comes in to play…

Lorain holds the most food for the walleye. In the past several years, Lorain has enjoyed excellent, year-round walleye fishing. With deeper, cooler water than the Western Basin, the Central Basin holds a significant amount of bait that keeps the fish around.

We have seen an increase in fishing charters moving their operations to Lorain. World-Class walleye tournaments and derbies have been won just outside the port of Lorain in the last few years.

Just a short drive from Cleveland or Port Clinton,  make Lorain your next Lake Erie Fishing Charter destination. Come and see why I believe Lorain is the new Walleye Capital of the World!

Tight Lines,
Captain Larry Weiss